Disc injury in Omaha?

Do you believe or have you ever been told you slipped or injured a disc? The severity of these injuries can vary dramatically, however, most should be looked at by a trained chiropractor.

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The small pads that are located in between your vertebrae are called the inter-vertebral discs. These discs are composed of a tough outer layer with a gel-like center. The purpose of these are to both separate and join each of your vertebrae. The discs act as cushions for your bones so they do not make contact while you move. If these discs were to disappear, it would be almost impossible to move your upper torso.


If the gel in the discs is bulging, pushed out or asymmetrical, this is called a protruding disc. This could cause pinched nerves and irritation of the nerve roots.

When the tough outer layer ruptures and the gel flows outward, this is what is known as a herniated disc. This may result in numbness or pain and can develop into a serious issue.



The most severe type of disc injury is a disc extrusion. This occurs when the gel swells excessively around the vertebrae or when the disc separates from the vertebrae. The result of this tends to be immense back pain as well as limited range of motion.

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