Struggling with Vertigo in Omaha?

Are you suffering from vertigo or undiagnosed dizziness? Being aware of your vertigo is not enough. It is common to see vertigo patients use over the counter medicine and conventional care to help relieve their symptoms.

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In many cases these options provide no relief. Vertigo is a complex subject for medical doctors. They look to treat the symptoms, but don’t look to fix the underlying cause. Our chiropractic clinic in Omaha wants you to be informed on Vertigo and how you can find help.

Dizziness can be present in two different situations. One form of dizziness is when the surrounding objects are spinning, while the other is a fainting feeling. Vertigo is defined as the first form of dizziness. These are two different health conditions that need to be treated differently.

At Hauptman Chiropractic Clinic, your doctor will be ready to determine your condition.

Vertigo in Omaha

Vertigo can be triggered in many ways, but there are a few that seem to cause Vertigo most frequently. We have made a list that shows the most frequent reasons for a Vertigo visit at our clinic:

  • Intense headaches can bring on nausea or dizziness.
  • Ear damage or frequent ear issues
  • Weak blood flow to the brain
  • Injuries from trauma or car accidents that cause damage to the spine
  • Misalignments or subluxations of the neck

This list might seem like a random pile of causes. You may not know that all of these causes are related through the same thing. Every one of these situations is a negative impact on one of your mechanisms for balance. The equilibrium of your body is necessary for correct bodily functions. Vertigo is most commonly present when there is some sort of nerve communication issue which alters the way the nervous system communicates with the brain. When the signals to your brain are out of sorts, so is your balance which causes dizziness. Our treatment is all natural and specialized to correct your nerve functions.


Vertigo Symptoms

Dizziness can be one of many symptoms resulting from Vertigo. Vertigo can be mild or severe. The underlying cause is what needs to be treated to prevent symptoms from getting worse. You should contact your Omaha chiropractor if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

  • Blurred vision or lack of focus
  • Hearing difficulty, typically in one ear
  • Ringing in ears
  • Difficulty balancing
  • Constant fatigue
  • Double vision

Vertigo treatment done at Hauptman Chiropractic Clinic has proven to be very beneficial to our patients. With our doctor’s extensive schooling and experience, it should be easy to pinpoint the cause of your Vertigo or dizziness. This should result in the most effective treatment possible with the ability to focus on the real problem.

Anyone that is suffering from vertigo or dizziness in Omaha should not hesitate to give Hauptman Chiropractic Clinic a call today for better results.